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For Optimum Health and Weight Loss

Aerobic Breathing is a deep breathing technique that utilises oxygen. It is potentially possible to use this type of breathing for weight loss. Breathing exercises are used worldwide to help many health problems. Breathing for health promotion is truly something everyone can do to increase their oxygen consumption which, in turn, will help you to lose weight and achieve better health.

Aerobic breathing means 'breathing with oxygen'. Oxygen is the single most essential nutrient for our bodies to function properly. Many people who are overweight and unhealthy suffer from lack of oxygen. Shallow breathing (or chest breathing) causes a constriction of the chest and lung tissue over time, decreasing oxygen flow and delivery to your tissues. Deep, rhythmic breathing expands the diaphragm muscle, the cone-shaped muscle under your lungs, expanding the lung’s air pockets, invoking the relaxation response, and massaging the lymphatic system.

You can test to see if you are shallow 'tidal' breather and therefore not drawing in nearly as much air as you could be. Put one hand on your stomach and another on your chest. Then take a regular breath. You'll notice that the hand on your chest comes out further than the hand on your stomach. It should be the other way around.

Breathing is the key that unlocks the power of your body to achieve it's full potential. Breathing is your chief body cleanser. Elimination of wastes, debris, toxins, and body pollution is a major function of oxygen. Do you realize that much of your body's waste is eliminated through exhaling? In fact, carbon dioxide is the most abundant of all the end-products of metabolism. So, if you limit your breathing, your body is deprived of the oxygen it needs to cleanse itself. Fat leaves your body through carbon dioxide. You can increase your capacity for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange by breathing more deeply. That means that you can burn excess body fat with increased deep breathing. By increasing oxygen, your body will cleanse itself at a cellular level, releasing toxins that result in health problems, including obesity.

There is some confusion about what aerobic exercise is. It does not need to be running and jumping. The fact is that you do aerobic exercise to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells of your body. Regular exercise, as long as it's stressing a part of the body, will build muscle but it doesn't necessarily burn fat. That's because you're working out anaerobically, which means that you are not breathing deeply enough to supply oxygen to the working muscles.

There are many aerobic and diaphragmatic deep breathing techniques which promise to achieve effective weight loss, lower set point weight, reduce cellulite, increase alertness, reduce stress, increase athletic performance, improve skin tone, improve sexual response, improve blood circulation, improve digestion and elimination, improve sleep and generally deliver vibrant health.

Deep breathing is a technique used in yoga and tai chi. It is a technique used by Gillian McKeith. Tony Robbins recommends deep breathing in his 'Body You Deserve' program. Dr Ali's weight loss DVD also promotes deep breathing. There are several different aerobic breathing techniques such as Lifelift, Bodyflex and Oxycise which vary slightly but they each offer a method of deep breathing together with isometric and isotonic exercise positions to tone muscles whilst burning excess body fat. They all promise amazing health benefits and fast weight loss results.

If you want to achieve optimum health and optimum weight, with so many incredible benefits, aerobic deep breathing is something not to be overlooked. Many of us attempt to live a healthy lifestyle by giving our bodies the nutrients we all know we need in terms of water and food but don't forget the most important nutrient of all - oxygen.